Listen Seal In A Hazmat Suit

Seal In A Hazmat Suit

TOFOP Episode #302

Would you be happy to go out in a full radiation suit? And if a horse happens to poo on your property, and some mushrooms happen to grow, and you happen to eat those mushrooms and have a psychedelic experience... can you be charged with a crime?

TOFOP, Episode #302 - Seal In A Hazmat Suit

Listen Seal In A Hazmat Suit

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Purge Night

TOFOP Episode #303

What is the history of 'The Purge?' Luckily, Wil Anderson has seen every Purge movie, and gives us a full, chronological history of the film series and it's overarching storyline. Plus, Charlie speculates that #DefundthePolice may actually be a way to start a real life Purge.