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The Donut Wars

TOFOP Episode #431

Charlie falls into a hole when he finds out Donut King are hosting a cool inner-city rebrand event for donut influencers. But TOFOP has a mole. Professional actor and voice-over artist, Alex Williams agrees to turn down any potential Australian fashion week invites to make sure he can attend the exclusive event, which will feature musician, Thelma Plum. 

TOFOP, Episode #431 - The Donut Wars

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Soggy Cinny

TOFOP Episode #447

In Part Two of the Donut King saga — resident donut mole (and actor) Alex Williams returns to give us the inside scoop on what went down at the King's influencer event. Why was it a donut house? What was the 'donut-inspired' food? And was there any sign of the king himself? Plus: Wil and Charlie learn the definitive answer for if the word 'crisps' is one syllable or not.