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TOFOP Episode #447

In Part Two of the Donut King saga — resident donut mole (and actor) Alex Williams returns to give us the inside scoop on what went down at the King's influencer event. Why was it a donut house? What was the 'donut-inspired' food? And was there any sign of the king himself? Plus: Wil and Charlie learn the definitive answer for if the word 'crisps' is one syllable or not.

TOFOP, Episode #447 - Soggy Cinny

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Russell’s Brand

TOFOP Episode #448

Charlie gives feedback on some of Wil's TV recommendations including Mrs Davis (Binge) and Jury Duty (Prime). Wil then explains why 'the thrill' has gone out of certain online interactions. Might be because he's a little wiser or just because he's not on social anymore (has he mentioned he's not on social anymore?). Charlie grapples with his own communication issue when a listener writes in to complain about the sins of his youth. All of this somehow leads to why Russell Brand doesn't flush the toilet.