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The TOFArtchibald Prize

TOFOP Episode #477

Introducing The TOFArtchibald Prize. For the next three weeks, TOFOP is celebrating our friend and creative genius artist, James Fosdike. He's created the visual identity for the entire TOFOP Universe — it's time to let Foz shine! To celebrate, we're inviting you to vote on your favourite TOFOP original artwork. The top ten favourites will then be counted down in a special episode with Foz. Every person who votes goes in the running to win one of ten exclusive signed TOFOP artworks!

TOFOP, Episode #477 - The TOFArtchibald Prize

Listen The TOFArtchibald Prize

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He Died Drawing Dicks (with Dave Anthony)

TOFOP Episode #478

Dave Anthony of The Dollop joins Wil and Charlie to discuss some of the latest controversies and cancellations. Wil comes up with a game where Dave has to guess which AFL team belongs to various celebrities. And then a tribute to their shared friend and artist, the one and only, James Fosdike. The trio share an insight into Foz's unique creative process (where he does whatever the hell he wants), including secret penises.