Listen TOFOP: Beetlejuice

TOFOP: Beetlejuice

TOFOP Episode #2 62

Charlie has another airport story for Wil, but let's just say it's not as complimentary as last week's... They also try to get to the bottom of why middle-aged blokes get so into golf and surfing, and what animal they would prefer to be eaten by. Plus, the return of Charlie's Clobservations leads Wil to reveal the one place he doesn't want to be recognised...

TOFOP, Episode #2 62 - TOFOP: Beetlejuice

Listen TOFOP: Beetlejuice

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TOFOP With Mr Sunday Movies: Are Superhero Movies Dead?

TOFOP Episode #2 65

Charlie brings in Mr Sunday Movies (AKA James Clement) to try and answer a big pop culture question: Are superhero movies really on the decline? And if so, where did it all go wrong? Emphasis on the word try because tangents include the benefits of being a Short King actor, Tom Cruise's plastic surgery, nostalgia loops, and CGI penises.