Listen TOFOP: Little Miss Hitler

TOFOP: Little Miss Hitler

TOFOP Episode #2 22

After psychoanalysing why Charlie is ashamed of this podcast (and how that relates to swingers parties) Wil examines why the two-in-one washer dryer gives terrible results. The pair share stories about their Christmas break and more chat about strategic clothes drying. Charlie shares the Christmas present that led to embarrassment and nearly, his death. The episode climaxes when Charlie shares a picture of a child makeup set that looks like one of history's most evil dictators.

TOFOP, Episode #2 22 - TOFOP: Little Miss Hitler

Listen TOFOP: Little Miss Hitler

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TOFOP With Friends: Johnny Mackay – What’s Wrong With Being Sexy??

TOFOP Episode #2 25

Johnny Mackay is back! Charlie takes Johnny DEEP into the 'Paul is dead' conspiracy theory, which allows Charlie to whip out his secretly great Beatles impressions. They also unpack the ultimate dancing insult, the use of 'arse' vs 'ass', and why Johnny is writing 60 sermons with ChatGPT.