Listen TOFOP: Worm Burner

TOFOP: Worm Burner

TOFOP Episode #2 46

Wil and Charlie bring you their semi-regular WWE state of the union, but not before attempting to unpack why he gets mocked for his bike riding habits.. Speaking of state of the union, they also despair at the state of America and the upcoming 2024 election. Plus, Charlie gives his one-line reviews for the latest flicks he's seen, and he reckons it's time for an international embargo on superhero movies.

TOFOP, Episode #2 46 - TOFOP: Worm Burner

Listen TOFOP: Worm Burner

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TOFOP With Paul Williams: Don’t Park Here.

TOFOP Episode #2 49

Wil is joined by a new TOFOP friend, Taskmaster NZ's Paul Williams! They chat about the benefits of accidentally running late to a show, banana bread vs banana cake, and replication versus creation in comedy. Also, Wil and Paul recount some near-death experiences, and Paul's dramatic appearance on Shortland Street.