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TOFOP Episode #495

Charlie sees a Beatle (in concert). What if Paul branched out and wrote a diss track? If Wil can't become Keanu Reeves, maybe he can befriend him? He shares the story of a time he saw him in a hotel. (side note, is TOFOP Wil's Dog Star? Charlie's insulted but acknowledges it could be true). A large chunk of the episode is then devoted to brainstorming how Wil could go back in time and create a series of coincidences (that aren't creepy) to allow him to become friends with Keanu.

TOFOP, Episode #495 - Up To Standard

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Save The Rec Centre (with Gabriel Gasparinatos)

TOFOP Episode #496

ONEFOUR: Against All Odds is more than just a music doco, it's an Australian story about self-expression, race, the portrayal of violence in art, and the powers that try to control those things. ONEFOUR are a drill rap group from western Sydney who were targeted by NSW Police who used 'lawful harassment' to shut down gigs. Charlie chats with the director of this new Netflix film, Gabe Gasparinatos. He shares an insight into how he went about making a story that has resonated with audiences around the world.