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TOFOP Episode #475

The Michael Flatley story continues — seriously, how did you not know that shortly after comes off stage he needs to... cum off stage? Charlie explains the various descriptions for different stages of an erect penis and Wil tries to bring all religions together by coming up with a new set of shared core principles.

TOFOP, Episode #475 - Zucchini

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Cat Knocked My Bong Over In The Pot Closet (with Gareth Reynolds)

TOFOP Episode #476

The Dollop's Gareth Reynolds joins Wil for his first official TOFOP With Friends. After Wil brings Gareth up to speed on some of the changes we've made to the TOFOP listening experience, the pair discuss their evolving attitude to mind-altering substances, how traveling has changed since COVID-19, and what it would mean for Trump to get re-elected from prison.