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Andrew Hanson

Wilosophy Episode #309

"Life is shit. Accept it and get on with the job" — Andrew Hanson. Although Andrew Hanson wasn't interested in having kids, now that he has them he says they've "kicked his head open." He shares how they've shaped his work and worldview, including his approach to spending as much time with them as possible. Andrew also shares his 'sketch' approach to comedy and how his heroes informed the values he lives by as an adult. Also, can comedy change the world?

Wilosophy, Episode #309 - Andrew Hanson

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Ed Kavalee, Ultimate Team Player

Wilosophy Episode #2

Ed Kavalee does his best to deflect his way through two hours and in the end, Wil learns a lot about himself and we learn Ed's 'teamwork' approach to comedy cuts to the bone. Hear about Ed's dream of making another film, his full-circle role in the recent incredible season of Thank God You're Here, and why the mistakes we make often lead to our best qualities