Listen Ed Kavalee, Ultimate Team Player

Ed Kavalee, Ultimate Team Player

Wilosophy Episode #2

Ed Kavalee does his best to deflect his way through two hours and in the end, Wil learns a lot about himself and we learn Ed's 'teamwork' approach to comedy cuts to the bone. Hear about Ed's dream of making another film, his full-circle role in the recent incredible season of Thank God You're Here, and why the mistakes we make often lead to our best qualities

Wilosophy, Episode #2 - Ed Kavalee, Ultimate Team Player

Listen Ed Kavalee, Ultimate Team Player

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Larry Dean

Wilosophy Episode #

Larry's learned that playing the short game rarely pays off, unless you're a dodgey comedy promoter. Plenty of laughs in this one as Larry shares his complex relationship with his audience (including the illogical reason he prefers an audience who doesn't know him). Also, why giving truthful feedback is hard, what percentage of his jokes does he find funny?, and... ghosts? Yes, Larry shares a couple of ghost stories and Wil almost buys it.