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Brett Blake

Wilosophy Episode #297

Brett Blake was a scallywag growing up in Perth but it almost became something much worse. An out-of-control party turned into a riot. Brett found himself in the middle of it and at the crossroads of a life-changing moment. He shares that story — and how ADHD and dyslexia have shaped his outlook. Plus: one of the craziest stunts ever attempted and why Blakey wishes he could have a go.

Wilosophy, Episode #297 - Brett Blake

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Scout Boxall

Wilosophy Episode #298

Scout Boxall is a stand up comedian who completely restarted their life after soul searching and trying to find out who they were. In 2018, Scout made it to the finals of RAW Comedy and in 2019, they won Best Emerging Artist at the Melbourne Fringe Festival with their show, 'Good Egg.' Scout chats about changing their life, graduating from clown school, and their approach to stand up comedy, as well as their hot takes on LARPing.