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Emma Holland

Wilosophy Episode #S2 E13

"I like people feeling like someone cares about them". Emma Holland had the unusual experience of growing up in a loving, functional family. Emma spent formative years living in various towns and cities but has now landed in Brisbane where she writes, performs stand-up, and shoots photographs (specialising in headshots for other comedians). You might recognise Emma from The Cheap Seats on TV or her unique live show.

Wilosophy, Episode #S2 E13 - Emma Holland

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Josh Gondleman

Wilosophy Episode #2 15

Josh Gondelman is polite, he's from Boston, and he's damn funny. Gondelman riffs on applying ancient Judaism wisdom to deciding what he'll have for dinner. Also — questions on capitalism and understanding the 'how' and why that relates to more industries than ever. And the role of music (in particular live music) in his life, including the favourite music moment he'd kill to relive.