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Wilosophy Episode #2 15

Josh Gondelman is polite, he's from Boston, and he's damn funny. Gondelman riffs on applying ancient Judaism wisdom to deciding what he'll have for dinner. Also — questions on capitalism and understanding the 'how' and why that relates to more industries than ever. And the role of music (in particular live music) in his life, including the favourite music moment he'd kill to relive.

Wilosophy, Episode #2 15 - Josh Gondleman

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Wilosophy: Gillian Cosgriff – This Is Nice Now.

Wilosophy Episode #2 23

"This is nice now." In between Gillian and Wil making each other cry with laughter, Gillian chats about about the genesis of her award-winning 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show – Actually, Good. Wil is once again bringing up ice cream cones, and Gillian talks about why we need to change our expectations for what makes us happy.