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Gary Eck

Wilosophy Episode #304

Gary Eck is a stand-up comedian, screenwriter, and author whose comedy career predates even Wil's! He entered the world of film in, 'You Can't Stop the Murders' with fellow comedians, Akmal Saleh and Anthony Mir. He also teamed up with Mad Max's George Miller to co-write and direct the smash hit, 'Happy Feet 2.' Gary Eck talks about his experience getting into comedy, how he approaches writing and ideas, and how an incident at university still follows him.

Wilosophy, Episode #304 - Gary Eck

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Phil Wang

Wilosophy Episode #305

Before Phil Wang touches down for his Australian tour he chats to Wil about why breakfast cereal was invented (to stop wanking?), his approach to legacy, Malaysian roots, and why Taskmaster is nihilistic.