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Gen Fricker

Wilosophy Episode #293

Gen bloody Fricker. Whether you love her or adore her, you have to admit she's fricken funny. After escaping the competitive classical music scene, a friend introduces Gen to comedy. She quickly rises to become one of Australia's most exciting new voices. Now she's entered the second decade of her career, Gen reflects on some of the tragedies, sexism, and regrettable experiences she's been through. But one question remains, what is Gen's legacy?

Wilosophy, Episode #293 - Gen Fricker

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Ben Kochan

Wilosophy Episode #294

Sydney-based comedian, Ben Kochan goes deep into his love of comedy — including why he's drawn to the silly side and is happy wearing shorts on stage. Ben describes how his friends tried to talk him out of comedy, how he reconciles the financial side of joke-making, and why he's desperate to nail the perfect one-liner about revolving restaurants.