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Lizzy Hoo

Wilosophy Episode #290

Lizzy Hoo is not afraid to shake up her life. As well as Mongolia, her adventurous spirit landed her in Sydney’s open mic scene where she learned her craft. The experience (which was sparked by a desire to become a better public speaker) led Lizzy to quit her corporate life and become a full-time writer and comedian. Lizzy’s life philosophy — and a discussion around ‘the power of showing up’ — inspires Wil to share the meaning behind a tattoo.

Wilosophy, Episode #290 - Lizzy Hoo

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Lewis Hobba

Wilosophy Episode #291

24 hours after he announced he was leaving Triple J, broadcaster Lewis Hobba joins Wil to share his story, including his unique path into the entertainment business and why reframing standards made work much more enjoyable.