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Libbi Gorr

Wilosophy Episode #288

Libbi Gorr is Australian broadcasting royalty who describes herself as a 'creative entrepreneur'. Her career has spanned comedy across television, and radio, and this week she helped launch a new digital radio venture, 'Disrupt'. Libbi explains the importance of family and why a strong work ethic and a comprehensive education became the bedrock of her success.

Wilosophy, Episode #288 - Libbi Gorr

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Liam Stapleton

Wilosophy Episode #289

Liam Stapleton's career has been fast — from fast pasta, to a fast exit during a dodgy comedy gig, to a fast rise via community radio in Adelaide. The 27-year-old describes the pressure and expectation that comes with taking over a radio show, most notably during his breakthrough spot on Triple J breakfast where he copped a lot of abuse from listeners. Liam breaks down what happened, how he called it out, and why it resulted in a nod from Kyle Sandilands, of all people.