Listen Peter Helliar (Part 2)

Peter Helliar (Part 2)

Wilosophy Episode #230

Getting Wilosophical with Peter Helliar… again! Peter Helliar is a comedian, writer and television presenter from Australia. His television series, “How to Stay Married” has just entered its third season. Peter and Wil discuss the Australian television industry, writing for television, and talking about difficult subject matter to children.

Wilosophy, Episode #230 - Peter Helliar (Part 2)

Listen Peter Helliar (Part 2)

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Anna Piper Scott

Wilosophy Episode #231

Getting Wilosophical with Anna Piper Scott Anna Piper Scott is a stand up comedian and writer originally from Perth and currently based in Melbourne. Anna and Wil speak about her experience in the world of stand up comedy as a trans woman and the changing landscape of comedy.