Listen Max Barry (Part 2)

Max Barry (Part 2)

Wilosophy Episode #252

Getting Wilosophical with Max Barry Max Barry is an Australian author known for novels such as 'Syrup,' 'Jeniffer Government,' and his most recent novel, 'The 22 Murders of Madison May.' A high school friend of Wil's, Max was on of the first guests to ever appear on WILOSOPHY way back in 2015.

Wilosophy, Episode #252 - Max Barry (Part 2)

Listen Max Barry (Part 2)

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Dr. Yves Rees

Wilosophy Episode #253

Getting Wilosophical with Dr. Yves Rees Dr. Yves Rees is a writer, historian, podcast and currently a lecturer in History at La Trobe University in Melbourne. Dr. Rees’ new book, “All About Yves” is a memoir about the trans experience in which they explore their realisation that they were transgender at age 30.