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Vic Zerbst

Wilosophy Episode #243

Getting Wilosophical with Vic Zerbst Vic is an Australian TV writer, actor and comedian best known for her work as one half of comedy duo Freudian Nip with her writing partner Jenna Owen. Vic has performed for SBS's The Feed as well as co-directing The Chaser's WAR ON 2020 web series, which was acclaimed for its break out sketch, 'The Contact Tracies." Vic speaks about her extensive philosophical knowledge in this conversation with Wil about the meaning of life!

Wilosophy, Episode #243 - Vic Zerbst

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Mark Humphries

Wilosophy Episode #244

Getting Wilosophical with Mark Humphries. Mark Humphries is a comedian, writer and satirist best known for his work on The Feed and ABC's 7.30. His new book "On Politics and Stuff' is available now.