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Dave’s Diggers

FOFOP Episode #180

Wil and Dave Anthony discuss Tiny Tim (Tams), Gotham Spoilers, Way-Too-Randy Quaid, Norm-ing, Babysitting Auditions, Talk To The Talking Hand, The Apprentice Junior, A Sitcom Called Alice, First Cosby Now Flipper, Sam Neill Meat Head and a plan to become the Number One Podcast In China.

FOFOP, Episode #180 - Dave’s Diggers

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FOFOP Episode #181

Wil and Matt Kirshen discuss why you should Always Read The Fine Print, Throwing Balls At Children, Nature's Blue-pers, First World Indulgence, Flailing In Front Of Strangers, Anderson Anonymous, Thanks For Accepting Me and coming up with the Biggest Thing Since Planking.