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Walk Before You Fist

FOFOP Episode #80

Wil is joined by Ryan Sickler to discuss what it's like to live with the soul of an old black woman, creepy fan mail, the natural evolution of porn, massive advances in bed technology, why tea-bagging is never sexual and Wil learns to respect the wisdom of the Christmas junkie.

FOFOP, Episode #80 - Walk Before You Fist

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T-Bagger Justin Hobson continues his gritty reboot of the early episodes of TOFOP. This is the "best-of" episodes 31-40 and may contain football analogies, porn shoots, penguin pronunciation, time-travel, the origin of the TOFOP drinking game, the pornocalypse, rubber fists, the anti-crust, bull semen and guest appearances from Tom Ballard and Justin Hamilton.