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TOFOP Episode #483

Charlie wants to discuss the new Arnold Schwarzenegger doco but the hosts get distracted by the potato scallops vs potato cakes debate. This leads to a deeper reflection about how someone's perspective can change. Turns out people can change. Eventually, Charlie gets his Arnie chat which leads to the ethics of steroids, and why wrestlers aren't meant to be juicing. Wil reveals that "The muscles (on Henry Cavill's) Superman are literally for show".

TOFOP, Episode #483 - Arnie DiFranco

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The Unexplained Explained: The Poltergeist Of Humpty Doo

TOFOP Episode #484

Introducing The Unexplained Explained, a new series on TOFOP with Friends. Across each of the four episodes, Charlie Clausen is joined by writer and podcaster, Ben McLeay. Luckily, the Brisbane-based Boonta Vista host also happens to be the largest private collector of paranormal literature. Together they form NEAPS: the North-East Australia Paranormal Society. In episode one, the pair tackle one of Australia's most sensational mysteries: the poltergeist of Humpty Doo. You don't have to believe, but you do need to listen.