Listen TOFOP: The Nipple Ring

TOFOP: The Nipple Ring

TOFOP Episode #2 38

If you're looking for hard-hitting gym etiquette content then you've come to the right place! Charlie and Wil unpack a conundrum Charlie ran into at his local gym, and even get into a bit of role-play. They also explore the grand mystery of what the 'First' in Fitness First refers to. Plus, mailbag letters spark some interesting ideas for future episodes, and stories of edibles...

TOFOP, Episode #2 38 - TOFOP: The Nipple Ring

Listen TOFOP: The Nipple Ring

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The Video Store: Best ‘Against Type’ Roles (with Guy Davis)

TOFOP Episode #2 41

The Sultan of Cinema, Guy Davis, returns for the first Video Store of 2024! He and Charlie share their favourite roles where actors are playing against type. Which Brad Pitt role is Charlie's style icon? Is Liam Neeson the new Leslie Nielsen? Did Philip Seymour Hoffman ever have a type to play against? Plus, Guy and Charlie share their thoughts on the Furiosa trailer...