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Box of Arseholes

TOFOP Episode #335

Charlie has been renovating at home, and his wife Gemma is offering him up as an apprentice, while Wil talks about a series of photos he discovered in his home that belonged to the previous owner… including a photo of someone’s butthole.

TOFOP, Episode #335 - Box of Arseholes

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The Goofball

TOFOP Episode #336

The guys chat all things Vladislav Ivanov, the Russian man who was trapped on a Chinese reality television show. STUFF WE TALKED ABOUT: “I didn’t do it” - The Simpsons Vladislav Ivanov (The Guardian Article) Why do K-Pop Groups have so many members? (CheatSheat Article) One Direction NSYNC Backstreet Boys The Simpsons S12E14 - "New Kids on the Blecch" Jackpot by Lelush (Song) The Undertaker