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Call Buckethead

TOFOP Episode #427

Charlie and Wil launch into an analysis of Survivor's 1982 hit, Eye of the Tiger. Did Rocky make it a hit or was it always destined to be a classic? Plus, the origin story of Buckethead. Who is he and why does he wear a KFC bucket on his head? The answer will not surprise you.

TOFOP, Episode #427 - Call Buckethead

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Wil Anderson DESTROYS Iceman

TOFOP Episode #429

Charlie and Wil imagine a world where they take the 'podcast for medical professionals' thing to the next level and start organising protests against unscientific wellness practices. Their first target? Iceman, Wim Hof. Meanwhile, Charlie struggles to convince his own doctor to listen to the podcast and unintentionally offends him while trying to do so.