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TOFOP: Comedy Batman

TOFOP Episode #2 50

Charlie recaps his experience seeing Pink live, and the aerial antics that left his daughter unfazed. A dive into the mailbag leads Wil and Charlie to unpack a recent rap beef (requiring some assistance from producer and resident young person Amy/A-Mike). Plus, we should be scared of AI, right?

TOFOP, Episode #2 50 - TOFOP: Comedy Batman

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TOFOP With Joel Kim Booster: Ready For His Empire

TOFOP Episode #2 53

Joel Kim Booster is one of the most exciting names working in comedy today. Hot off the success of his Netflix special Psychosexual and film Fire Island, Joel sits down with Wil ahead of his run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. They chat about the difference between American and Australian audiences, trying to avoid comparing himself to other comedians, and the pressure of being seen as a representative of certain communities.