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TOFOP Episode #454

After a quick brainstorm regarding TOFOP-branded men’s leggings, Charlie shares a list of some of the most controversial psychological experiments. The list involves orphans, a baby named ‘Albert’, and your Facebook feed. The mailbag sparks an interesting question: among TOFOP listeners, what is the most common name? We're exploring this one name at a time, starting with 'MIKE'. If your name is Mike (or any variation of Michael) please fill out this form, subject line ‘I’m Mike’

TOFOP, Episode #454 - Meggings

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TOFOP Episode #355

England have wrestled their way back into the series in Headingley. The loss forces Australia to ask some uncomfortable questions. Has Marsh demanded another call-up after an incredible century? Has Warner had his big final moment? And a bigger question, has Australia’s Ashes chances gone to shit now that Nathan Lyon is out?